This week we asked the beautiful Tylynn Nguyen to share her recent polaroids with us. Represented by la models, Tylynn practises yoga a few times a week, has a beautiful baby girl and still her sunshiney energy seems endless!
Though gone are the days of actual polaroids, perfecting your digitals is something that can help you appeal to a broader range of clients. We asked Tylynn to share a few of her secrets on what makes great digitals

“Practice in the mirror the night before” says Tylynn “to make sure you know what it is you want clients to see!”.
Being a regular at yoga, Ty made sure her agent took a few snaps showing her skill level and muscle tone.
For your digitals, you’ll be asked to provide a few outfit changes to show your range;

Basic outfit- a well fitting t-shirt, skinny jeans & heels.
Bikini- Flattering bikini for your shape
Workout- Exercise gear to cater to yoga/fitness clients *optional
If you happen to have an extra special skill (beautiful hands, ballerina, pilates, basketball, rock climbing) always let your agent know so they can take a few snaps and submit you to potential clients.

“Know your body, have confidence in your appearance” adds Tylynn.”and make sure your assets are taken care of: hair, skin, nails”.
We agree! Often its best to take fresh digitals after a haircut. Make sure the rest of you is taken care of too: your tan should be even, nails neat & polished, skin should be clear and bright). Wear little to no makeup, just a swipe of mascara and tinted moisturiser is all you need. 

Lastly, your digitals should be no more than 3 months old- taken indoors near a big, bright window. Do you have any tips or tricks for digitals? Share below in the comments

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