Top Self Tanners: an even Tan Overnight

Nearing the end of a long work day you receive an email about an early morning swim casting for the following day. The client has requested you show up tanned, however you’re schedule’s been so tight you’ve barely had any time in the sun and the tanning spot near your place is closed.
So how can you self administer a really natural and even tan with at-home products?

First off you need to keep a great self tanner at home in case of these last-minute castings. To self administer the best natural tan for models follow the steps below to guarantee great results. That way you’ll arrive at your casting perfectly bronzed, without looking orange or smelling of fake-tan.

The key to a great tan is in prepping the skin so that you have an even surface for its application.
We like to use The Body Shop Exfoliating Skin Towel to remove dry and rough skin. The towel has the ability to scrub the hard to reach areas like the back. Apply soap to your skin, use the towel making small circular strokes across your body then rinse. TIP: Always shave before tanning, for even results.

After showering use a small amount of lotion on knees, elbows, feet and hands. For those with lighter hair- massage a little face moisturizer into your eyebrows and hairline to protect the hair from discoloration. Do not apply lotion anywhere else.

Read the box directions then apply self tanner to dry skin. Take care not to rush your application, stand in front of a mirror in good light whilst applying tan to spot any streaks or missed areas. Use latex gloves if you don’t want to risk getting orange hands.
Start at your feet and work up so you don’t have to bend over and ruin your stomach application. To do your back, use a small amount of tanner in your hand to evenly cover the areas that are hard to reach. If this is too difficult ask a friend or roommate to help you.

The best self tanners on the market are the ones that don’t make you appear orange. We love to use these two particularly great brands. Though they are expensive, you get what you pay for with self tanner.

St Tropez Bronzing Lotion $40
The original best-seller, we call it money well spent. Rich, deep tan in 4 hours, without streaking. After showering pat body dry to lengthen tan life. Will last for 4-7 days
L’ancome Flash Bronzer $37

An even tan that looks naturally golden. It works in under an hour so we recommend you spray it onto clean, prepped skin an hour before bed.

On the day of your casting you can amp up your tan with bronzing liquids. These can be messy once applied so choose your outfits wisely (avoid white & light colors).
Apply the liquid to your skin to deepen your tan, add glow and even create a leaner appearance; on your legs, apply down the sides to give the illusion of a more defined look.

Too Faced Royal Oil; Coconut Oil Body Bronzer $35
This is a beautiful oil for the body that gives your skin a lovely bronze tone and glow. No transferring, it absorbs well and leaves your skin look radiant.
NARS Body Glow $59
Made from beautiful oils, has a light floral fragrance and the color is lovely and rich. Although you can use this for castings to add more depth to your tan we also recommend it for photo shoots and shows. This really gives the appearance of a tropical glow.
* It can transfer to clothes so try not to wear white after applying.

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