Los Angeles based group Earth Angels have had a busy summer. Managing volunteers involved in a reading program at St Anne’s Early Learning Center, encouraging Trashformation, active with Hashtag Lunchbag, while their very own angel Krystina Holbrook supports ModelsNMutts this month.

The Kind 5, curated by the Earth Angels are your short-cut to meaningful volunteerism. If you’re lacking inspiration, or don’t know where to start your kind crusade, let the angels lead the way. With the focus on group effort, invite your friends and family to join you, and share the love!
Los Angeles based models are welcome to join the EarthAngels at their hosted events or simply organise your own trash pickup or food donation & tag them on instagram #earthangels or twitter @laearthangels
Co-founded in 2011 by Models Carla Houston, Nina Smidt and Laura Leary- sign up here to become a part of the active, giving model community of Los Angeles.

the kind 5;

1.  Effective recycling practices are one of the easiest ways to show compassion for the planet. Rinse & recycle cartons and bottles, and if you have any cans- leave them beside the bin for collectors.

2. Let others go ahead of you today; hold open a door, or let that driver at the stop sign go before you.

3. Leave an extra dollar in a tip jar that you see

4. The homeless are people too. We all encounter homeless, make eye contact and ask them if you can get them water or food


Earth Angels Co-Founders, left to right; Nina Smidt, Carla Houston & Laura Leary

5. Adjust your schedule to volunteer just once a week. You have the time, invite a friend and share the joy of giving!

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