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Today we’re inspired. Do you know why?

Life is truly a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ novel. There’s volume of songs, movies and inspiring quotes about purpose and change. But what really matters is what you DO.

This TED Talk sums it up pretty nicely: no matter if you’re a model or a supermodel (more…)

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The modeling industry can be very frustrating. In the media we hear that modeling isn’t as glamorous as it looks. As models know, it can be many things; good and bad. The good times are great; travel, friends, awesome jobs in glam locations, hotel-life, exclusive parties… but the slow season can be difficult to navigate. Bills can stack up and jobs don’t always last.

To avoid the ritual frustration of a model-life, one method I personally use is (more…)

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Supermodels Karolina Kurkova, Coco Rocha & Naomi Campbell with host Nigel Barker

Supermodels Karolina Kurkova, Coco Rocha & Naomi Campbell with host Nigel Barker

Aspiring models can now issue a sigh of relief; The Face will return for a second season; the model competition series will resume with an open call July 21st in New York City.

If you’re a model hopeful and can’t make it to NY for the July casting, submit a video online to be considered for a place on the show. While every models journey is different, we think The Face is a unique formula, inviting models from across the globe to compete under the direction of their Supermodel mentors Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova [along with a US working Visa of course!].

We’d love a chance to mentored by judge and executive producer Naomi Campbell- she’s seen so many incarnations of the fashion industry… we bet she has some fun stories! Who would you love to be mentored by?

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In alliance with Earth Angels, every Monday at Supermodeled we’ll be here to bring you the kind 5.

The kind 5 are specially selected activities, chosen each week to uncover love, kindness and sacredness in your daily life. Achieved through volunteerism and compassion; two of the guiding principles of the Los Angeles based group.
If you don’t know already, Earth Angels is a new volunteer group, co-founded in 2011 by Models Carla Houston, Nina Smidt and Laura Leary- with an aim to access and activate the model community of Los Angeles.

the kind 5;

1. Bring your own to-go containers when eating out. We love the EcoBox; a stainless steel, re-useable lunch box.
2. Does your local restaurant still use styrofoam? Have a chat with them about compostable/bio-degradable alternatives that are still cost effective. If these kids can do it, so can you!
3.  Learn how to compost. Is there a community garden near you that could use your food scraps?
4. Start your own herb garden. This one is easy & you’ll love having the herbs on hand to add to an otherwise plain meal! This also saves on plastic packaging that many herbs come in
5. Does your building recycle? If not, have a chat with the building manager to see what your options are. Make sure you also connect with your neighbours- that way everyone is aware & can begin the practice as well


Co-Founders Carla, Nina & Laura accepting clothing donations for Hurricane Sandy Relief


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- Coco Rocha in league with the Model Alliance, back labor laws for underage models in New York [TIME]

- Miranda Kerr  covers VOGUE Korea. Racking up her second Vogue cover this year [HuffPost]

- Dior escapism at its best. Film starring Daria Strokous as keeper of the secret garden of awesome [Youtube]

- Dazed Magazine are covering London Mens Fashion week on their instagram [Dazed]

- Isabel Marant is a total tease and is making us wait 5 more months before releasing her chic and affordable line designed for H&M stores [TIMEStyle]

- Riccardo Tisci You’re about to fall in love with him, all over again [Style.com]

- Sydne Summer is wearing our favorite outfit ever. Must. Buy. Right away. [SydneStyle]

- Sui He floats through vast white backdrops in the Carine Roitfeld & Stephen Gan directed film for Mercedes Benz TV [lamodels]

- Anja Rubik is celebrated in the Models.com ICONS series [Models.com]

- Cindy Crawford in a runway compilation from the 90′s. Yowza  [Youtube]

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