There’s been a glaring spotlight on garment factories this year in Bangladesh. Back in April, the collapse of all eight stories of the Rana Plaza Garment Factory, located outside of Dhaka- shocked and saddened viewers from around the world.

It’s reported that 1129 lives were lost as a result of abuse of workers rights and neglect of workers safety. Above, artist Yolanda Dominguez presents Fashion Victims, meant to recreate a small example of the horrific scene that was Rana Plaza on April 24.

In the 4 months since the devastating factory collapse, European retailers have signed onto a pact that requires factory inspections and a feedback channel for workers to report dangerous conditions.

-Watch The Machinists a documentary featuring 3 female garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh
- Read more on the safety agreements signed by European retailers in May after the Rana Plaza Garment Factory Collapse
- The New York Times has been reporting the Rana Plaza collapse since April, read their recent update on the actions taken to improve safety in the garment sector
- The Clean Clothes Campaign provides a guide to shopping ethically
- Sponsor a child in Bangladesh

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