New York Fashion Week is kind of a big deal. Known to fashion insiders as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the Spring 2014 Collections take place from September 5th-September 12th this year. That leaves a little over two weeks until the fashion frenzy begins.

From Australia to France, Hong Kong to Toronto, India to Germany- wherever you are in the world you can watch the live stream (more…)

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Getting a work visa to work in the United States is not a simple process and is a time consuming one. That said, because the market in the United States is a massive one that caters to different genres of fashion from high fashion runway to commercial and lifestyle work. There are lots of opportunities for all types of models to work in the United States and if you sign with a sizable agency that handles international models, they will be able to sponsor you for a work visa.

Since both Brooke and myself have gone through the process ourselves, we have put together some FAQs for all whom might be curious how to apply for and get a work visa for the United States.

We have also answered some questions for people who are currently on a work visa and would like to renew it or know more about it, as there are many restrictions that may or may not have been made known to you that we think you might benefit from knowing.  (more…)

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Why you should you have compassion for models whose circumstances are different from your own? Whether a model travels to a different market to earn tear sheets or to gain experience, money is always a factor.

In the summer months, when school is out, the competition in international markets like Tokyo, Hong Kong and London increases significantly. Models as young as 13, from places like Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan and Eastern Europe go abroad for work, although their stories are typically different from ours. These girls are not just there to make money for themselves, but also for their families. As a result, many of them sacrifice the chance of having a normal life to try to give their families just that. Modelling provides them not only with an opportunity to see the world, but more importantly, to potentially earn their loved ones a better quality of life.

As someone who came from humble beginnings, I understand the pressures placed on these young girls. Unfortunately, some don’t. Models from more privileged backgrounds choose to persecute these girls because of their age, accusing their parents of negligence or poor parenting. (more…)

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Models are arriving in Milan to cast for and see clients for the soon to be Milan Fashion week. Are you one of those models? There are a few groups on facebook that welcome newcomers and models arriving with only a few contacts.

Model Access [2175 members], created by Tokyo based model Sarah Carrier is an invite only group (get your friends to add you by sending a message to Sarah along with your agency link). Read reviews of your agency, and add one of your own. The group shares their experiences- good and bad.

Models in Milan [1430 members] is a group for in town models only. The facebook group is strict, you must be in Milan! Their website- run by model scouts- can direct you to free model lunches, gyms, club entry.

For industry news, you can like the groups below: [213k likes] is the facebook page mirroring the website, providing industry news and model rankings. A popular source for the latest in model campaign & show news, you’ll feel like you’re keeping up with the industry!

Fashion&Models [89k likes]  promotes personal, backstage and campaign pics of top models. You’ll recognize the VS beauties among others

Milan Fashion Week runs from February 20-26 2013 in MILAN, Italy
Milan Fashion Week
 Women’s Fashion.

For more Fashion week dates, click here. 

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With the commencement of Paris Mens Fashion Week, we begin the beautiful madness- that is the shows for 2013. Just in case this surprises you (we know, they’re at it already!) here are the dates for fashion weeks across the globe.

Paris Fashion Week

January 16-20 Mens Fashion

January 21-24 
Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Collections

January 28-30 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 Collections

January 31-February 2
Copenhagen Fashion Week

February 4-7
Montreal Fashion Week
Fall/Winter 2013 Collections

February 7-14 NEW YORK, USA
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Fall Collections

February 10-12 LONDON, UK
Scoop International Fashion Show

Autumn/Winter Collections

February 15-19 LONDON, UK
London Fashion Week

Autumn/Winter 2013 Collections


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