Living in an imperfect world has its upsides- our minds are constantly searching for improvements; in ourselves, each other and in larger groups like our friends, families and communities. We like to change the way we look, we monitor the way we act towards each other and we feel we have the right to be treated well by others.
In the fashion community, businesses (read: designers, editors, magazines etc) redefine the norms of things like beauty and health almost constantly. They promote popular body shape, skin color, hair styles and ultimately advertise apparel, beauty products and jewellery to increase sales and promote brand recognition.

On a daily basis, we see beautiful designs displayed on the achingly thin bodies of pre-pubescent teens- a common sight in fashion advertising and editorials. Since the rise of heroin-chic bodies like that of Kate Moss (circa 1990′s) there has been backlash towards fashion houses that manipulate inspiration into thinspiration. Even then, the frequent call of media and advertising to change our outer selves in order to be happier, healthier and more beautiful have taken the dominant role for more than two decades. We have all at some point, fallen into the thinking that if we lose a few inches, trim away our thighs and tone an already flat belly our daily lives will be improved to something chic and fashion-forward.

For model Kate Upton, a Marilyn-esque beauty with a full-figure it is something more than a triumph to grace the pages of Vogue. It reflects the innate human function to evolve as compassionate beings- images like those below impact the fashion community and those around us by promoting and exemplifying a healthy body image. A round of applause to those in the fashion world who have recognized the changing tides of fashion, and now reflect many shapes and sizes.

I hope I speak for all when I say naturally thin models are welcome amongst the pages of my favorite fashion magazines as long as they are presented alongside models of varied  sizes, ethnicities and ages. As I always say, my most beautiful friends are not ranked by their thinness, but appreciated for their character, beneficent actions and inner beauty; and it will be an historic moment when my fashion community reflect that.


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