A wealthy model is a healthy model. Richness comes in many forms, and locating your inner-treasure is one way to appreciate the abundance in your life.

Lately with all the back to school sales, it’s easy to get caught up in buying what we think we need and adding to the glut of belongings we already have. We love a good sale but shopping can be a vicious cycle if you’re actually trying to fill an emotional void- maybe your feeling homesick or down about work?

In order to appreciate more of what you already have, try this mantra set.
Add to the treasure theme by repeating and meditating on the thoughts that flow naturally for you from the word ‘treasure’.

“I treasure my curiosity”
“I treasure my partner/boyfriend/girlfriend”
“My most valuable treasure is….. ”
“I treasure kindness, generosity and strength in my friends”
” I treasure my ability to treasure others”

A devotion to acknowledging your worth, your origin, your loved ones and friends can enrich your life and reveal the treasures that lay before you- the ones you can’t buy in stores.

All images from Portland based photographer Jon Duenas JonDuenas.com 

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