The modeling industry can be very frustrating. In the media we hear that modeling isn’t as glamorous as it looks. As models know, it can be many things; good and bad. The good times are great; travel, friends, awesome jobs in glam locations, hotel-life, exclusive parties… but the slow season can be difficult to navigate. Bills can stack up and jobs don’t always last.

To avoid the ritual frustration of a model-life, one method I personally use is character reflection & goal setting.

Take an hour to yourself in a park or in a quiet place… Bring something to write on. Don’t bring distractions like phones out to play. Sit with yourself and ask yourself what you’d like to achieve in this life.

Is modeling a stepping stone to acting/writing/……………..?
Do you want to use your earnings to pay for uni/college?
Are you saving/making as much money as you would like?
Name jobs/clients you’d like to book.
When are you happiest?
List your stand-out memories in your modeling career so far
What are your plans for the year?
What qualities/things do you envy in others?
Who inspires you?
How can you get closer to your goals?

If you do this regularly you’ll begin to hone in on what really makes you, YOU.
For me, it’s being with like-minded people, connecting & knowing the story behind the designs. Genuinely connecting with others is one of my motivations and there are SO MANY ways to achieve this that it makes you wonder… does it really matter what we do? Isn’t it more important how we do it?

Regardless of my philospical queries; defining your aspirations will help you navigate you way towards them. Remind yourself daily where you’re going, what you’re achieving and be prepared for more than a few twists and turns along the way. Don’t be afraid to reset your compass when you need to. A great mantra [about life] I read recently consists of three words

“It goes on”

Life certainly does! Don’t stress about not getting to your goals quick enough. Know that each day is a opportunity to get a little bit closer to your goals. And remember, be clear with your goals and honest in your efforts to achieve them- this way you can avoid frustration with the industry.

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