CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF Everyday Coconut, Coconut Water Face Toner, $8.99 The superfine mist is perfect for the hot and dry summer days here in LA. Chill in the fridge for an uber refreshing experience
BEST USED In place of your regular toner. Made with Certified Fair Trade Coconut Water, the sweet smelling toner rehydrates and keeps your skin balanced with the addition of Neem Oil and Papaya Extract.
FAIR TRADE Everyday Coconut [EDC] is an extension of Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care. Both created in order to support the communities of West Africa- helping to build schools has been a main focus for EDC. With the Fair Trade partnership and by increasing the production of Fair Trade Coconut Oil/Water; the Togo community finally have a school building for their children. Watch the video here
FRAGRANCE With no artificial fragrance, this toner is my new skincare favorite. The ingredients include a small amount of phenoxyethanol [a chemical preservative/bactericide]. This keeps your toner from going bad and is used in many skincare lines.
REPURCHASE In addition to the EDC Coconut Water Toner I also fell in love with the EDC Daily Face Lotion, $8.99. Including a broad-spectrum SPF15 coverage, this lotion is perfect for anyone who needs a little coverage without looking ghostly. Broad-spectrum means it protects your skin from both UVA & UVB rays. UVA rays don’t give you sunburn but can increase your risk of melanoma, so best to use broad spectrum daily.
RECOMMEND TO MODELS Far from blasting your face with jets of water- the EDC toner ranks #1 in gentle misting, so important! That, and the EDC products are reasonably priced, fair trade and feel great on the skin. So if you’re a model on a budget; these two are for you!
SECRET USES Re-styling my bangs after sleeping on them over-night can be tiresome. I spray a little toner onto my fringe while applying low heat with my hairdyer and directing them with a comb. It’s one way to make a daily chore a little more fun & you’ll smell sweet as a coconut.

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