The popular facebook group and organisation Models Against Addiction is holding an event in New York, tomorrow September 8th.
The Kundalini Yoga meditation, supported by local yoga studios Yoga Heaven, Hari NYC Studio, The Min Start and Golden Bridge Yoga Studio will take place at the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza [47 Street & 2nd] from 1-3pm.
Who can attend? Everyone is welcome
What should I bring? Bring your yoga mat, pillow & wear white!
Does it cost to join in? No way, this event is free!
Event goal? “to increase the awareness of the incredible benefits of meditation among busy New Yorkers” – Models Against Addictions [MAA]

This is the perfect event to fit into your schedule during the hectic New York Fashion Week. Read the Invite for Models Against Addictions Event September 8th

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We’ve all been there. You have a runway show or a shoot coming up and you get a blazing hot, louboutin-red sunburn.
My burns remedy goes back to my childhood in Perth, Western Australia. On the days we spent bathing by the river & returned home parched and red faced; the go-to was fresh cut aloe vera from Mums plant out the back.
Sure you had to smell like a foot for a few hours but it was the most effective remedy for one too many hours in the Aussie sun.
If you don’t have your own plant to cut thick leaves from (they grow great indoors in partial light) you can use a store bought brand. Just make sure it’s 100% Aloe Barbadensis. A brand I love to buy


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We love to head to the gym to break a sweat; but sometimes it’s hard set a workout plan without a trainer. Nike Training Club has saved the day for us on many occasions & the free app is available for Iphone, Ipod Touch and Android.

The app lets you choose your workout, target muscle groups and workouts last 15 to 45 minutes. Even the 15 minute focused workouts had us breaking a sweat. Though the app is targeted at women, we think the dudes will be impressed with the athlete’s who demo every exercise.

Read the FAQ here

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Who better than real-life angel Doutzen Kroes to motivate us all summer long with this great VSX workout video.
Coached by ex-boxing champ & trainer Michael Olajide, the vid targets your beautiful behind; to sculpt and lift the gluts with Knee Lifts, Plie Squats, Squat Jumps and Leg Lifts with variations on these exercises.
With frequent use, the 10 minute workout [play vid twice for both legs] will have your backside burning it’s way to angel-status in just a few weeks.

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Happy New Model

January is a great time to take a meaningful look at your portfolio, your wardrobe, your fitness routine, what you eat & do a little clean-up. We often feel inspired by the freshness a new year brings- so we say do these five things to get the most out of 2013!

1. Out with the old (shots), in with the new
Testing regularly can be a bother and it can really dent the wallet- with tests costing anywhere from $300-$1000 for a half day or full day test. But when you count this cost as an investment on the work it can book you, it really is money well spent. After all it means clients can see you in a new light *Your agency can recommend good photographers for models
2. Add a few more vegies into your meals.
Slip a little salad into that sandwich, roast a potato with that steak. Shred a cup of cabbage into your soup. Snack on snap peas instead of chips. Healthy habits are the backbone of eating well, and after the holiday season we need these reminders often.
3. Re-heel, polish and shine
Take a look at your show heels and any shoes you bring regularly to trunk shows, shoots and bridal events. If you’re seeing bare heel studs, get them reheeled. To get the longest life out of your heels, use a small rolling carry-on bag to take them back and forth to jobs.
4. Hair aware
We love a little ombre action but it’s so 2011! If you’re sporting last years look- get into the salon and talk with your hairstylist about being a little ahead of the curve. As a model you should reflect current trends or timeless styles, make your choice!
5. Workout shmerk-out
Does you workout evaporate when you have something better to do? Do you feel like you look good enough already? Sometimes a little workout time is best used for me-time. So, renovate your me-time, into a more productive time for your mind and body. Hate the gym? Go for a beachside walk with a girlfriend. Feel uninspired? Take a kick-boxing class and add that to your casting abilities. It’s never too late to start something new…

So that’s really it, newness. It’s hard to not be a little cheery about the infectious joy of the new that comes around this time of year. What is new to you can bring more into your life by expanding your experience. This can help you take on the industry as an energized individual and who knows, you could even end up dating your kickboxing coach…

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