OBSESSED WITH Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream , $42. I recommend this moisturiser to anyone with normal to dry skin. It’s a creamy, medium-weight moisturizer and absorbs fast into the skin.
BEST USED Under your SPF or makeup in the am. At night, after cleansing and toning.
BIODYNAMIC The Jurlique farm located in South Australia is Certified Biodynamic by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. The farm reflects their dedication to using organic and biodynamic ingredients in their skincare.
FRAGRANCE The ingredients list reveals added fragrance. After reading some reviews online, it seems some people find the scent of this cream a little flowery. I love the cream and take a few deep breaths every time I apply it…aaaah. So I recommend everyone to try-before-you-buy and test the cream in-store.
REPURCHASE I’m almost at the end of my tube and need a lighter moisturiser for summer. I received a sample of Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream and the formula is light-weight, hydrating and doesn’t block my pores- my next Jurlique purchase!
RECOMMEND TO MODELS I can’t say enough great things about Jurlique. They have an extensive range of skincare for youthful, mature and ageing skins & if you love essential oils or natural botanical extracts you will adore every product.
SECRET USES Mix the Balancing Day Care Cream with concealer to make your own tinted moisurizer. Sometimes I do this if I’m out of space in my handbag or carry-on and need to leave my big bottle of foundation at home.

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TELL US ABOUT Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub. A gentle exfoliator for morning and night. Dual-use since it prepares the skin for makeup and also removes unwanted buildup after removing makeup.
BEST USED… On your décolletage, chin, jawline, forehead, temples, nose and cheeks avoiding the eye area; I like to scrub daily since it’s such a gentle formula. The 4oz tube lets you squeeze out as much scrub as you need and the natural grapefruit & lemon balm extracts really wake me up in the morning
THE SCRUB IS MADE WITH 99% NATURAL INGREDIENTS Yes. It’s important to me to use natural products like YesTo- especially on my face since it’s my money maker!
FRAGRANCE? It does list fragrance in the ingredients. That said, I wasn’t overpowered by any artificial scent.
WILL YOU BUY THIS AGAIN? My next YesTo purchase will be the YesTo Blueberries Softening Facial Exfoliator which comes in a travel-size 3.38oz/95g. Since travel is always on the cards for models, I know it would be perfect for taking on the road.
WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO OTHER MODELS? Absolutely. Right away my skin looked brighter and refreshed, leaving me feeling cleansed but not dried out. A must have if you’re wearing makeup daily.
SECRET USES? I use it on my lips before applying nude lipsticks. That way my lips are soft and smooth which lets my lipstick look its best.

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We’re loving these limited edition compact cases from Shiseido.

Three adorable compact cases made to house the popular Sun Protection Compact Foundation are inspired by the Shiseido 60′s debut sun-care line featuring the Beauty Cake and their first tanning-oil, Sun Oil.

In addition to being the cutest compact ever, the SPF36 mattyfying powder can be used over your sunscreen, tinted moisuriser or bb cream for added protection and staying power.

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What is it? Josie Maran Argan Balm, US$42

Was this product easy to use? The texture was more wax-like than expected and warmed up in my hands. The base is Shea butter, so even though it takes some time to apply I didn’t mind because my skin stayed soft for hours.

Best used… on my elbows, forearms, knees, shins, heels and thighs. The formula is waxy so I also used it on my dry cuticles and as an overnight foot softener because I have lots of calluses from heels!

Fragrance? It’s fragrance-free which I loved because my legs can be sensitive to other moisturisers. I get razor burn on my legs really easily and this didn’t sting my legs at all. I even applied it before a runway show and it stayed on my skin, not on the clothes.

Did you buy this product because it’s made with all natural ingredients [only some are organic]? Yes. It’s important to me to use quality, organic products when I can. When I was growing up, in science class they taught us that the skin is the biggest organ in the body. If my skin is absorbing my moisturiser I want it to be natural and petroleum-free.

Will you buy this again? (more…)

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Every so often you come across a beauty product so useful that you wonder if you’ve been living under a rock. The BITE Line & Define Lip Primer is that rare beauty gem. A primer and lip-liner in one? We’re hooked
To test the staying power of our BITE primer we smoothed a line with the fine tip around the perimeter of our lips. Because the formula is clear, you can go outside the lines to prevent lipstick-bleed. Next we filled in the body of the lips with a light layer of the primer, angling the tube to cover more area. Lastly, we swiped on (more…)

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